Forex Trendy Review

Forex Trendy

A disappointingly large number of the companies offering signals services for Forex and Binary Options in the market today are really performing below expectations, some of them even shattering traders’ hopes outright. If you have tried the so-called “Profit-In-60-Seconds” service, then you know exactly what we are talking about here.

Some companies are promising you unrealistic cash returns of 90% or even more. However, when you decide to try their services out, you discover that you could have even received better winning rates if you had flipped a coin. Can you imagine how disheartening that can be? If you happen to have wiped clean your trading account in the pursuit of a signals service that seemed so promising and profitable, only to end up falling victim to a scam, then all you remain with is nothing else but disappointment and anger!

So, do we have any legitimate companies offering Currency Pairs services appropriate for both Forex and Binary Options and yet give the trader a chance for a realistic and successful winning rate? WatchDog can confirm to you that indeed there are! In fact, we have compiled a list of top legit signals services that you can choose from. While these firms have a proven track record, at WatchDog we are also putting all of them to the test every day! Previously, we struck some services off our list and added others based on their performance. Today, I am going to give you an honest review of one of them: Forex Trendy.

Is Forex Trendy a Legit Signals Service?

Unlike the scam signals services, Forex Trendy does not come to you with all the bells, whistles and shady unrealistic promises about how you can gain thousands of dollars in a few minutes. Forex Trendy is a serious and legitimate price action signals services company that has a member’s room that enables its online users access live charts and price action setups; as well as offer strategic guidance, continuous customer support and much more.

Forex Trendy, which is based on, has today become one of the most reputed signals services firms in the Forex market. In fact, a significant number of binary options traders focusing on the currency pairs section of the market prefer Forex Trendy to other services.

How does Forex Trendy Function?

As a Forex Scanner, Forex Trendy is capable of automatically detecting the best possible trends and then notifying traders via an entry signal. Depending on the prevailing market conditions, Forex Trendy also warns traders when they need to keep off a certain trade. It works round the clock to identify the times when markets are in optimal conditions for trading and therefore provide forex traders with information about the best possible entry points.

Key Forex Trendy features for its members include:

  • – Email & Audio Alerts;
  • – An extra user-friendly interface;
  • – Customizing of currency pairs’ expiry with the click of a button;
  • – Automated Chart Signals to detect Trend Lines, Triangles, Flags & Wedges;
  • – Up to 34 currency pairs available!

But in case you are not fully familiar with Charts Analysis, do not worry because Forex Trendy also offers you a 100% FREE 30-page ebook on this topic!

Remember you get all Forex Trendy services we have highlighted above for a quarterly fee of just $37; only $3 per week!

For more details on the leading signals services in the market for both Forex and binary options, check out Forex Trendy. And in the process, do not forget to visit WatchDog’s Best Binary Options Signals!

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