Choosing your Day Trading Software

When thinking about day trading software, what is the first thought that comes to you?

Find useful information and tips given below that can help you chart, analyze and trade better.

  • Software for Trading
  • Day Trading Platform

trading forex

Software that is used by the traders to send their orders of trading to the brokers is known as the trading platform. Trading software should be used definitely by the day traders to send in their orders as it can help them to speed up the tasks which are very crucial for day trading.

The significant factors affecting the choice of day trading platform are as follows:

1. Choosing the broker

You must notice that the broker you choose often limits the availability of trading platforms to you prior to selecting a particular platform for trading. Almost all the brokers have their own trading platforms which are available as desktop software, mobile apps, and web applications.

The brokers insist you to utilize their in-built platforms for trading which means the trading platform that you must use is determined directly by the type of broker that you choose.
Thus prior to choosing your broker, it is always best to look for the trading platform and its features offered by the broker.

2. Find a trading platform that is reliable:

A very important role in the trading belongs to the trading platform used as trading orders are sent for market execution in timely manners by the trading platform. Reliability during transmit of trading orders and also stability in the connection to the servers of trading are expected from the trading platform. Hence these two factors should be considered when choosing a trading platform.

The in-house trading platform of a trader/broker is often more reliable when compared to the platforms belonging to third parties as they enable a smooth and simple back-end process. You can go ahead with an in-house trading platform when it has all the important features for trading.

Also it is not reliable to trade using mobile applications due to the coverage of the network not being consistent in all the areas.

3. Go for simple one-click trading strategy

You are required to confirm your orders before submitting them so that they can be protected from accidental submission. Hence you need to click two times-one to submit and next to confirm your order. But one-click trading is the best for most of the day trading strategies as they need response immediately.

4. Order Cancel Order or Bracket Orders

There are two orders in the bracket orders that are close to the current price in the market and one order gets automatically cancelled after the execution of the other order. The bracket orders are also called as OCO (order-cancel-order).

For trading ranges also, the bracket orders are beneficial. You can choose to make use of bracket orders based on the trading strategy and style. You must also ensure to check whether your trading platform has the capability to employ bracket orders.

5. Day trading simulators for beginners

To become familiar to the trading platform and also to test new strategies in trading, paper trading is very effective.
Some traders do not require a trade simulator but it is very essential for those who are new to trading which will make learning easier.

Charting platform as Day trading software

For the technical analysis of trading, the market data are plotted in charts using a charting platform. The technical analysis is used partially or entirely by many traders and thus another indispensable day trading software is the charting platform.
 Traders should have an existing strategy for day trading in order to select the best charting platform.

1. Drawing trends with charting platform

The trend lines of the day trading can be drawn using any charting platform so that the resistant and support zones can be marked for reference. Make sure that all the drawing tools that you need are offered by your charting platform software.

2. Indicators for trading

Make a list of all the trading indicators that you require by reviewing your strategy in trading. Also take a look at your charting software to see if it supports all the tools for trading.
You can also have custom indicators by coding or importing them. Check whether this can be done in your charting platform.

3. Chart Trading

The charting and trading abilities are often combined by many in-house as well as third party trading platforms.
Day traders are benefitted more by chart trading as it provides them the ability to trade with ease.
Day Trading Software for a good trade analysis and review.

The role of the day trading software is often overlooked upon the analysis and recording of trades.

For a good post-trade analysis and development of trading plan, it is important to maintain good trading records. Though it is a difficult task, this can be made easy using a good day trading software.

1. Records of Trade

A list of information should be recorded for every trade such as:

  • Entry time

  • Instrument

  • Exit time

  • Quantity

  • Entry price

  • Exit price

  • Maximum adverse excursion

  • Profit/loss

  • Maximum favorable excursion

The trading performance can be reviewed using these above records and also improved significantly. The records of your trading can tell you when the trading strategies work at which time and also you can determine that the maximum adverse excursion is well within the stop-loss distance in your winning trades.

The trade records must be analyzed thoroughly in order to derive at the important conclusions about the trade. The analysis and recording of the trade records can be done with the help of spreadsheet software.

Microsoft Excel is the best software suited for recording the trading activities as it has advanced capabilities of data analytics. In MS Excel sorting, filtering, calculating statistical metrics, applying pivot tables, etc. can be done using the records of trade. Also many plug-ins that are related to trading are available in Excel.

Open Office and Google Drive are other alternatives that you can use for recording your trade analysis. However, you must note that the functions of Google Drive are very limited and also lacks in Open Office support when compared to the Microsoft Excel. They might be enough to provide a basic trade analysis though.


For day traders who are serious in their trading, chart notes or snapshots that show trading setups can be valuable.
Microsoft OneNote is one best choice of software that is helpful for chart notes in studying trades. You can easily type notes, write and draw on the screen captures using this software.
Your chart notes on trades can also be synced across other devices which is useful for on the go chart reviews. OneNote offers you a lot of other possibilities as well.
Another effective method of recording your setup charts in trading is to screen cast or video record your computer screen. The whole process of trading can be captured well using this technique. This also allows you to verbally narrate your ongoing trade analysis which is excellent in terms of reviews post-trade. But one disadvantage of verbal notes is that they are not good for easier organizing and searching of the trade records unlike the Microsoft OneNote.
For screen casting method, you can use the tool called Camtasia Studio.

Make a wise decision about your Day Trading Software

You cannot achieve the best performance in trading by just spending more. Hence it is wise to first understand the style of your trading and then look for the trading tools that you would require for a better and effective trading.

here is the best software:

6 things you need to know about trading forex

Six things that are required to be known about the trading forex

1. Speed:

trading forex

You should calm down, when the term speed is used. Actually the thing to be discussed here is not about the setup that many of the prop organizations in the NYC where they make effort for setting up their farms of server less than hundred yards from an edge’s exchange. We are just mentioning that the platform is such that it requires to allow the people for running all of their intra-day scans and the charts also. It is something that is distinctly remembered that there was a time when a specific platform was used by me (I am omitting the name for avoiding the bashing), where I had got up to twenty stocks. This much load on the program brought my own personal computer to a halt literally. How did I ended up? Well, by having for reducing the stock number in the list that I watch for preventing the locking of screen occurrence frequently while making an effort for placing an order.

The lesson that is learned: If the software of trading is picked by you that is supposed to make your machine slow, you will notice that it generates an experience for the user that is literally awful. You also get in your mind about the risks of the impacts financially of not being capable of entering or exiting the trades.

2. Free stuff is not always completely and 100% free

Last time it was noticed that each and every person loves free; same is the case for the day traders. The companies of the software for trading always make efforts for wooing you inside the door with all the offers. This might be having the possibility for ranging from about thirty days for the trading that is free to my own and personally favorite, i.e. the cash bonus in the case if an account is funded with a specific amount in dollars. Now what I want is that you think back throughout your life that you spent and ask your own self that why would any body give you anything free of cost except our parents.

We shall not take much time for realizing that these are such offers for getting you in the door and for hooking you in a specific platform.  Who is having time for closing out any of the accounts and for going through the process to complete all of the paperwork, transferring of funds, etc. that is painful as well. It is known by the firms of brokerage that if the case is like they can make us hooked, we will keep on staying more likely with all of them out of the comparison of comfort and necessity.

Lessons that are learned: Things might be looking free as well as fun in the initial stages but it must always be remembered for picking the platform that is based on the style of your own trading as well as the habits and lesser on the thrill quickly of a few of the bucks that are free. You must also remember that if the firms off brokerage are supposed to be willing for paying you amounts in hundreds of dollars for using their platforms, they make plans clearly for making thousands of commissions for you whether the case is like you succeed in your trading or not.

3. Platforms that have fifty thousand features; you do not know how to use any of them:

trading forex

How many of the readers are such that they can look at the picture or the image to the left side and feel comfort with the data’s amount that is displayed? If any of you give a positive answer and says yes, then he is required to do me a favor and slap his own self. Officially you are having the initials symbols and signs of minds analytically on the steroids. The features as well as the widgets in the platforms of day training are supposed to be like viruses. Features no doubt are like viruses. Such types of platforms are supposed to initiate with a small number of add-ons, however, over time, these are ballooned into hundreds of features that are considered to be useless. Whether you are the new comer or the trader who is already frustrated takes the comfort in all of THESE BELLS AS WELL AS THE EHISTLES. If the case is like you are searching for something and there are like two hundred options or may be more, odds are like that you will search something that is something in your opinion you were looking for. Platforms are the same like this and there is no difference. If the case is like somebody is getting hammered inside the market by making use of oscillators, you would surely be taking yourself into making use of the new board for the visualization that shows all of the orders to be bought as well as sold with the lights that are bright enough. Are you understanding it? There is nothing like magical bullets and you do not require some three hundred indicators, that stream into your screen. You are required for focusing on some of the things that are supposed to work and they might get one or may be two of the mentors, who are the real people that you know; they make living as a full-time trader.

The lessons that are learned: It is not really important that the platform of your trading is having sixty indicators technically. If there are more number of indicators as well as the windows that are added by you on your screen, there are greater chances for the tools to conflict with one another. You must make the life easier of your own self and keep on going with a platform that is having an experience of the user on a wider scale and you should leave all of the complicated sort of platforms for trading to the people who are like they would rather be talking about the multiple screens for trading and making money.

4. Back Testing the strategies; it is the most important of all:

trading forex

Personally I am in favor of the idea for back testing. Presently, it would not worth anything that anyone should be researching and looking at the positives potentially, and the negatives as well with any of the strategies for trading.

The problem that I am having back testing is that the people will keep on going undoubtedly from checking and testing a strategy that is very simple for sitting in the front side of their machine and writing the code lines that are considered to be the perfect that will also produce the most perfect results. So you have to take a start with a fundamental and simple moving strategy that is the average strategy for crossover, where you can look at the movements of the market over the two years lately. Since the strategy is supposed to be profitable, you find five of the cases where there were 20% of the drawdowns or may be more. In the true form, you can make a small number of the tweaks of your own code for addressing these issues. You are allowed for taking this lovely model and applying it to the real world only for realizing that it does not work.

The lessons that are learned: You are required to imagine the things that happen when when you apply these types of rules that are automated to the frames of smaller times. DO you feel like these sort of systems will keep on working for a number of months or may be years? If the case is like you are day trading, then each of the day is supposed to present different types of opportunities that suit the best for a specific kind of trader.

5. Why is it like that I have to pay for data. The platform is fee enough of not?

You are required for loving these types of wall street. So the thing is that you make a payment for the outright of the software in dollars for gaining an access to its license. Just like you, I am also thinking that about two hundred dollars are more than enough. After getting done with the purchase of the software, it will be quickly noticed by you that your charts seem to be blank or they are having nl a fixed number of worth data days.

 The lessons that are learned: When a stimulator for trading is purchased, you must make sure for considering if the data is supposed to be provided in your fee or not.

6. How each of the platform is considered to be the best platform for the year?

trading forex

Did you ever notice that each of the platform is supposed to be the best in some of the category that is obscure; actually this is the real beauty of certifications. There are:

      • Best Real-Time Data

      • Best Professional Platform

      • Best for Frequent Traders

      • Best for Options Traders

      • Best Research and Tools

      • Best Investment Choices

If you’re looking for an online broker, here is the best software:

how to trade stocks online

Guideline for trading Stock online

A guide to the terminology as well as the processes that are supposed to be involved in trading the stock online.

how to trade stocks online

The capability for trading stocks as well as the options that are found on inter-net has opened a world which is quite new for the retailer or the person who invests money in this. With the continued proliferation of the stock on the inter-net and the brokers of options, the regime of increased commissions as well as the restricted information for the on-line retailing traders is supposed to reach a way of the horse-whip of buggy.

At the time before the online trading came into existence, the basic way for researching a stock was trying for the information to be squeezed out of the broker by calling him on phone. Presently, the capability for searching for the basics that you desire to be in the softwares is supposed to available full time and readily with just a simple and single click of mouse.

After getting done with the job of finding a particular stock having all the required characteristics of a particular company, you would possibly liking to start trading, then you require the trade to be placed. With the trading on the internet, it is not only like you are supposed to pay a commission which is lower in most of the cases but also you get a number of options for choosing from to enter the trade.

Guideline for placing a stock trade on the internet:

If you want to learn the way to trade the stocks on the internet through the platforms of stock trading for example, you will be required for knowing the vernacular that is supposed to be involved with the screens of trading.

Firstly, let’s consider the three terms that are considered to be the simplest, but at the same time the most important for understanding before you place a trade on the internet. There are chances for you to see these types of words almost every time when you find a stock quote or may be an option related to that particular matter. The last thing is bidding and asking. Last is actually the price of the trade that is the last and occurred on stock. While, ask is the lowest price of the market currently by the potential sellers. Bid is actually the market price that is currently considered to be the highest that is offered by a buyer potentially. Generally, on natural basis Ask is mostly the price that is higher while bid is the one which is lower.

Stock order on the internet:

A stock order on the internet is basically a set of some particular instructions for buying or selling a particular security. The orders are supposed to be entered on the ticket of the stock order. While this specific order is supposed to include the action, share the amount, time duration, symbol as well as the price. This gives a look of the entry of the order scree of Trade King.

The first thing to be discussed is the action, i.e. to buy or to sell.

Buy: Taking the cash amount from one’s account, purchasing the stock in the market openly and placing the stock in one’s account.

Sell: Selling the stock that is held in one’s account in the market openly and placing the cash in one’s account.

Greater terminology for key trading:

Shares: Entering the amount of shares that is wished for trading. It is required to be a whole number at a must, since the markets of centers do not accept the orders of shares in fractional form.

Symbol: In this, the symbol or the ticker of the trading will be entered for a security of traded public.

After this, you will have to choose the kind of order that would be liked for being entered. Some of the choices are given below:

Market order: This is either a sell order or a buy order that is supposed to be executed at the price which is considered to be the best available presently in the market openly. you have got a guarantee for the execution immediately, but there is no particular price. When a person enters an order of market for buying, he is required for paying attention for asking the price on his quote of stock. If a person is selling, he is required for paying attention to the price of bid. As it is a fact that an order of market is not supposed to guarantee a price, you are required to be aware that there could be chances for the price to move in any direction before the market order gets the floor for trading.

Limit order: For the people who buy, this is such an order for buying the stock either at or below a particular and specified price. For the people who sell, it is an order for selling either above or at a particular price; this price is called the limit price. Limit orders will only supposed to be executed only at a particular price or the condition can also be like the price moves in a favorable way for the either the seller or the buyer; it will get executed automatically at the available value that is considered to be the most advantageous.

There is a tradeoff for the protection of the price of an order that is limited and is supposed to be the possibility that won’t get executed in the case if the market is not reaching the specific price.

Stop order: This is an order of market that is to be either bought or sold if a particular price is either passed or reached; this price is called the stop price. When the stop price is supposed to be reached, the order is to be executed in the market.

Stop limit order: This is such an order that is for buying or selling a particular security at a specific price, only after the time when the stop price is already reached. A stop limit order is such that it is necessarily a combination or mixture of a limit and a stop order.

Day order: An order that is to be bought or sold and is automatically expired if does not get executed during the session of trading. All the orders of market are supposed to be set to Day automatically.

GTC: GTC stands of Good Till Canceled, it is an order to be bought or sold that remains affected until it is canceled or is executed.

Some of the words on qualifiers:

Qualifiers are basically instructions that are considered to be optional and can be added to a specific order by you.

Placing an option:

In 1973. the doors of Chicago Board Exchange were opened. Since then the options are considered to have grown tremendously in the perspective of popularity. Presently, it is quite easy than ever before for the retailers and the investors for the online options for trading.

Options are basically the contracts that are given to the owner for giving the right for buying or selling a particular asset on a fixed price for a particular time period, this is called the strike price.

Types of options:

Basic all there are two types of options, i.e. calls and puts. If someone is buying a call, it means he has the right for calling the stock that is underlying away at the price of strike. If somebody is buying a put, he has the right for putting the stock to somebody at the price of strike.

The process if entering an option trade through the internet is very much similar to enter a stock trade through the internet. However, there are some of the basic differences.

Key option terms

Followings are some of the key terms that related to the trading options.

  • Buy to Open

  • Sell to Close

  • Sell to Open

  • Buy to Close

Contracts: An option contract is supposed to represent 100 shares on ordinary basis of the stock that is underlying. You will be required for defining the contract numbers whenever there is a time for trade options.

Symbol: Each of the option individually will be having its own symbol for the ticker. You will be requiring to search that particular symbol and then enter it into the field of the symbol. You can also make use of several options offered by trade King for selecting the option that is desired to be sold or bought.

It is a chain which is called the option chain. It will enable you for seeing the symbol of the ticker at each of the strike price.

Wishing the luck to be good out there

The stocks of trading and the options on the inter-net or online are supposed to be providing you a great extent of flexibility at a cost that is overall considered to be lower in comparison to the traditional broker of stock.

If you’re looking for an online broker, make sure to check forex trendy & auto binary signal.

Auto Binary Signals Review

Today I’m going to share with you my personal review of the Auto Binary Signal (ABS). I say it’s a “personal review” for two things: First because I tried the product myself, and second, because this is my first-hand experience analysis of the system. I did my research before deciding to embark on my own ABS experience, and read mostly reviews from the online community. There are those who speak favorably of the system, at the same time there are those who are quick to dismiss it as a scam. Of course they are entitled to their own views, but personally, I find that most of the reviews do not speak much about their personal experience with the system. There are even some reviews who were obviously commissioned by competitors by the way they present only negative feedback about the binary signal. Their reviews are merely an analysis of the system based on what they know about it from the videos or what they read about the product. They do not make mention of how they got to know how the system works from personal use. In my case, I went out and purchased the ABS system, tried using it a few times, and now have come up with a summary of my experiences – both positive and negative - with it. And that’s what this post is all about.

Today I’m going to share with you my personal review of the Auto Binary Signals (ABS). I say it’s a “personal review” for two things: First because I tried the product myself, and second, because this is my first-hand experience analysis of the system.  I did my research before deciding to embark on my own ABS experience, and read mostly reviews from the online community. There are those who speak favorably of the system, at the same time there are those who are quick to dismiss it as a scam. Of course they are entitled to their own views, but personally, I find that most of the reviews do not speak much about their personal experience with the system.

There are even some reviews who were obviously commissioned by competitors by the way they present only negative feedback about the binary signal. Their reviews are merely an analysis of the system based on what they know about it from the videos or what they read about the product. They do not make mention of how they got to know how the system works from personal use. In my case, I went out and purchased the ABS system, tried using it a few times, and now have come up with a summary of my experiences – both positive and negative – with it. And that’s what this post is all about.

What is the Auto Binary Signals System?

Auto Binary Signals is a binary option trading software developed by Roger Pierce, a successful option trader himself.  It is a web application that puts out signals that advise the user to Call or Put, within the given timeframe. It has four components:

  • The Auto Binary Signals (main) which costs $97.00

  • The Pro Training (Masterclass Binary Education) which costs $149.00

  • The Pro Strategies (ABS Quad-Core Pro Strategies) which costs $117.00

  • The Pro Signal (ABS Auto Trader) which costs $197.00

The Auto Binary Signals already has Auto Trader, which is priced at $197 monthly, and the manual at no extra charge.

How does it work? In a nutshell, first, you have to login to your account.  Then go to your binary broker and check if you received signals. If you have, you may place your trade manually. You must never place a trade with signal once the countdown has expired. In order to be successful at auto binary signals, you also need to avail of the advanced signals/systems too. The auto binary signals is only a basic signal provider and will not in itself give you great success as I learned firsthand.

Let me share with you a little more of my personal experience with the Auto Binary Signals (ABS).

I purchased the Auto Binary Signals at a special discounted price (50% off), meaning I only got it for $49.00. After the purchase was completed, I was offered an upgrade at another discounted rate, but I did not avail it. I proceeded to access the system and logged in my account. Account verification was made via phone call.

I immediately logged in and selected abs main, where I chose the signals with high trends. I placed my first trades a few days later after studying the system a little more. I won my first two trades, to my delight. However, after that, I started losing. On the average, I was winning 55% of the time and losing 45% of the time. I wasn’t satisfied with this, so I got in touch with ABS and told them about my experience. I was told to get in touch with their support team through their site and so I did. I received a response from them within 3 hours. I was given some tips on trading, one of which was that I should trade no more than 5 signals within a day. I was also advised to purchase Pro Strategies, which would greatly boost my success. I did as I was told, and availed of this upgrade for USD $117. After I did this, I began to experience a whole new binary trading experience.

My trades using the ABS Pro Strategies were more advanced, as its mechanism gave solid signals that were really accurate. I learned to assess the signal’s strength before accepting any recommendations, and watched out for green lines that indicated a high chance at winning.

Using the ABS for Maximum Winning Results

I listed some tips I learned in trading using the ABS. You really can make more money with binary trading using the Auto Binary Signals system by following these tested guidelines. Also, it would help avoid any errors if you would perform clear cache on your browser first before proceeding with the purchase. Follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Auto Binary Signals site by clicking on the link.
  2. Refresh your browser. You will find a prompt asking you if you want to ‘stay in page’ or ‘leave page.’ Choose ‘stay on page’ to be able to receive the chance of a free 10 or 5-day trial.
  3. Once you decide and proceed with purchase the ABS system, you will be asked to verify your account via phone call.
  4. You will receive a prompt to upgrade your account to ABS Pro Strategies, please do so. This will ensure you get larger profits and high winning rate. Please learn from my initial mistake.
  5. Choose a recommended broker to create your account with. This is important too, as the platform works best with their recommended brokers.
  6. Make at least a minimum deposit with your broker account. You can learn more about dealing with a broker here
  7. On your browser, open three tabs. On one tab, log in to Main ABS; on the next one log in to your broker, and on the third tab login to ABS Pro Strategies.
  8. Check signals and timeouts on Main ABS. You have to note that ABS Pro Strategies does not indicate timeouts, but gives solid signals.
  9. On the ABS Pro Strategies tab, check for trade signal alerts.
  10. Keep track of the ABS Pro Strategies alerts and trade recommendations.
  11. If a winning signal is detected on Main ABS and Pro Strategies, the latter will recommend that you open a position.
  12. On your broker account tab, trade with the market recommended by Pro Strategies before its expiration.
  13. Trade signals with high signal strength, a high volatility of at least 70% – 100%, and high trend expectancy.
  14. Never proceed with a trade if the recommended signal timeout is below 60 seconds or if the signal has timed out already.
  15. Avoid trading signals with 1 to 5 minutes timeframes. Even if you are fast in detecting signals, the signal grade may drop even before you succeed in opening a trade.
  16. Avoid trading more than 5 signals per day, and if you really can’t help it, never trade beyond 10 signals per day.

There, I have already shared all the tips and trick that I have learned in binary trading using the ABS Pro Strategies. I do not assure you of 100% success, but if you carefully follow these simple tips you can be assured of winning at least 70% of your trades every day. That’s not bad at all, isn’t it?

>>Auto Binary Signals Review<<

auto binary signals

Forex Trendy Review

Forex Trendy

A disappointingly large number of the companies offering signals services for Forex and Binary Options in the market today are really performing below expectations, some of them even shattering traders’ hopes outright. If you have tried the so-called “Profit-In-60-Seconds” service, then you know exactly what we are talking about here.

Some companies are promising you unrealistic cash returns of 90% or even more. However, when you decide to try their services out, you discover that you could have even received better winning rates if you had flipped a coin. Can you imagine how disheartening that can be? If you happen to have wiped clean your trading account in the pursuit of a signals service that seemed so promising and profitable, only to end up falling victim to a scam, then all you remain with is nothing else but disappointment and anger!

So, do we have any legitimate companies offering Currency Pairs services appropriate for both Forex and Binary Options and yet give the trader a chance for a realistic and successful winning rate? WatchDog can confirm to you that indeed there are! In fact, we have compiled a list of top legit signals services that you can choose from. While these firms have a proven track record, at WatchDog we are also putting all of them to the test every day! Previously, we struck some services off our list and added others based on their performance. Today, I am going to give you an honest review of one of them: Forex Trendy.

Is Forex Trendy a Legit Signals Service?

Unlike the scam signals services, Forex Trendy does not come to you with all the bells, whistles and shady unrealistic promises about how you can gain thousands of dollars in a few minutes. Forex Trendy is a serious and legitimate price action signals services company that has a member’s room that enables its online users access live charts and price action setups; as well as offer strategic guidance, continuous customer support and much more.

Forex Trendy, which is based on, has today become one of the most reputed signals services firms in the Forex market. In fact, a significant number of binary options traders focusing on the currency pairs section of the market prefer Forex Trendy to other services.

How does Forex Trendy Function?

As a Forex Scanner, Forex Trendy is capable of automatically detecting the best possible trends and then notifying traders via an entry signal. Depending on the prevailing market conditions, Forex Trendy also warns traders when they need to keep off a certain trade. It works round the clock to identify the times when markets are in optimal conditions for trading and therefore provide forex traders with information about the best possible entry points.

Key Forex Trendy features for its members include:

  • – Email & Audio Alerts;
  • – An extra user-friendly interface;
  • – Customizing of currency pairs’ expiry with the click of a button;
  • – Automated Chart Signals to detect Trend Lines, Triangles, Flags & Wedges;
  • – Up to 34 currency pairs available!

But in case you are not fully familiar with Charts Analysis, do not worry because Forex Trendy also offers you a 100% FREE 30-page ebook on this topic!

Remember you get all Forex Trendy services we have highlighted above for a quarterly fee of just $37; only $3 per week!

For more details on the leading signals services in the market for both Forex and binary options, check out Forex Trendy. And in the process, do not forget to visit WatchDog’s Best Binary Options Signals!

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